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About HomeTalkin

We started HomeTalkin to provide a site to talk about our obsession with all things real estate. The name of our site is pretty self-explanatory and has a somewhat funny origin, which I’ll save for another post.

Here is what you can expect to see on HomeTalkin:

  1. Useful and informative topics for home owners or wannabe home owners. Whether you are already in a house, or thinking about that first home purchase, we aim to provide you with great articles that help you learn a thing or two, with a dash of entertainment mixed in.
  2. HomeTalkin Podcasts – What’s better than reading a great real estate article on HomeTalkin? Well, hopefully us bantering about the same topics in front of the mic! Stay tuned for a regular series of podcasts, brought to you by the hosts of HomeTalkin.
  3. Cool local real estate news and information – We’re in Seattle, so that’s where we’ll start, but hopefully we can expand to more cities as we get more popular.
  4. Help from the pros – We’ll invite a number of real estate pros and contractors to contribute their in-depth knowledge. Whether you are looking for a negotiation tip from a real estate agent, help with refinancing your home or instructions on how to re-grout your shower, we’ll bring you content from the pros who do it for a living.
  5. Random tidbits that make us smile or make us remember why it is cool to have a home of your own.
  6. We’ll also write about the local real estate scene in Seattle, because that is where we live.

Let the HomeTalkin begin!